In 1962, the family estate POIRON-DABIN was born from the alliance of
the two families. Now, forty years later, the two sons are eager to preserve
the tradition of well-done work.

The Poiron-Dabin estate is located in Loire Atlantique 15 kilometers South

of Nantes, in the charming little town of Chateau-Th'baud.
Chateau Th'baud is raised on a granitic rock overlooking the deeply
embanked Maine valley and the sinuous flow that gives birth to sumptuous
hillside vineyards.

The Maine river and its sister the S'vre Nantaise, are at the origin of the
"S'vre and Maine" appellation.

For more than 700 years, this land has traditionally been a renowned place
for the growing vines Art; this favourite soil is composed of serie of vineyards
lying on a granitic or gneiss substratum. With regards to the shallow soils,
they are moulded by clay mixed with sand, gravel and stones.
Wine growers from father to son since 1858, the Poiron-Dabin vineyard is
spreading over 67 hectares and is located on a strip of diversified grounds
allowing the obtainment of inimitable lively and happy wines resembling the
Atlantic Ocean so close at hand.

The Muscadet S'vre et Maine sur Lie is the result of the long experience of
the Poiron-Dabin estate.
Jean-Michel and Laurent would be happy to welcome you in their wine cellars.


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